Official Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus LED View Flip Cover

The Galaxy S9 Plus is indeed an amazing device. If you have one (well kept) then you can confirm this. True or False?

The Samsung LED view Case is specifically built to enhance the beauty and offer 360 protection for your Galaxy S9 Plus.

Easy notifications

Keep yourself updated on the time, battery status and important alerts through the Informative LED display and easily respond to incoming calls through the interactive cover with a touch.
Add some fun to your alerts by setting personalised icons to different contacts.

The Galaxy S9 LED case has its own LEDs built in to the folio. As soon as you snap the phone into the case, these LEDs light up a small part of the cover and show you the time. This same space lights up every time you close the case, revealing the same information. You can also tap the power button on the phone while the cover is closed and the LEDs will light up to show you a couple of different things.

AS seen in Offical Samsung Video

When it is not showing you the time, the LED case offers some animations for a few different kinds of notifications.

Charging the phone will reveal a lit up battery, you’ll see a ringing phone when there’s an incoming call, and a simple alarm clock appears when an alarm goes off on your phone.

Keep it handy

Slim with a card pocket, the Galaxy S9+ LED View Cover allows you to keep your most important credit or transportation card at hand all the time.

Upgraded protection

Protect your new Samsung Galaxy S9+ from all corners with the shell-type design of the LED View Cover and enjoy a comfortable grip with the new fabric-like material.

Samsung Galaxy S9+

Camera Protection

Personalised UX 

This updated version of the case offers some small color customization, instead of the default white used for everything out of the box. The white is easily the most visible though. 

Only Available in Blue, Purple is Sold Now



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